"Whoops!" - Allie, on several occasions

Alexandria "Ally (or Allie)" Renkins (AKA Allie Whoops) is the granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Renkins. Allie moves to the farm to live with her grandparents while her parents travel for business. Allie's very active and hyper. When she moved to the farm, she began kindergarten. George first met Allie soon after she moves to the farm, and quickly becomes best friends with George & Bill. She brought George with her to kindergarten in the episode Guest Monkey. The two communicate late at night with walkie-talkies, while in their beds. The walkie-talkies were bought by The Man, for Allie and George.

Allie's now seen almost on a regular basis in episodes that take place in the countryside (See Episode Appearances).

Physical Appearance

Allie has freckles and long red hair in a ponytail held by a white scrunchie. She usually wears a bright yellow hoodie with a front pocket over a white collared short-sleeve T-shirt, bright blue shorts, white socks (both unidentical lengths: right sock knee length, and left sock down to her left ankle), and dark red sneakers with white (or light-gray depending on the lighting in the episodes) soles.

Alternate Outfits

Her nightwear is consisted of sky blue pajamas (Guest Monkey).

Her swimwear is consisted of a light pink one-piece swimsuit with a mini-swimskirt, and two yellow inflated floaties (Little Fish, Littler Pond, and George's Simple Siphon, In (The Dive-In Movie) and (Water Ski-Daddle) her yellow floaties were not present. In (Swimspiration) she instead wore a yellow two-piece swimsuit with two orange inflated floaties but during the middle of the episode her floaties change into red which could have been an animation error.

In the winter, she wears blue (both light & dark blue) earmuffs (only in Monkey On Ice, Maple Monkey Madness and Curious George Gets Winded), a bright yellow coat with a diamond design, light blue mittens, dark blue pants, and her dark red sneakers (Maple Monkey Madness, & A Halloween Boo Fest).

In the summer, she wears a bright red T-shirt with a frog design, bright yellow shorts, white socks (both socks knee length), and sky blue sneakers with white soles (George's Simple Siphon).

Her gymnastic outfit is consisted of a light yellow sleeveless shirt over a light blue short-sleeved shirt, a dark-blue bowtie, bright blue pants, and her dark red sneakers (Jungle Gym).


Allie's a very bubbly, hyperactive, enthusiastic, happy, fun-loving, and brave young girl who's about George's height and is as adventurous and curious as him. Mrs. Renkins refers to her as a “spark plug.” When she first met George, she's excited and impatient while learning ways of a monkey. Before that, she tried to learn the ways of a chicken (George Meets Allie-Whoops).

Episode Appearances

  • Season 10
    • 1001b. George & Allie's Egg-cellent Adventure
    • 1005b. George and the Jug Owl
    • 1009a. Sleepy Sheep (cameo) (no lines)
    • 1011a. A Fair to Remember
    • 1012a. Muster Monkey
    • 1013a. Curious George and the Wake-Up Machine
  • Season 11
    • 1102b. The Ring's the Thing
    • 1108b. Monkey Market
    • 1109a. Your Churn
    • 1110b. George and the Golden Egg Hunt
    • 1112b. Another Mystery Package
  • Season 12
    • 1203b. George Loves a Parade
    • 1205b. A Bunch of Ballooney
    • 1213a. The Great Treehouse Hoist
  • Season 13
    • 1301b. Hoop Dupe (cameo) (no lines)
    • 1304a. Twain a Fence
    • 1305b. The Dive-In Movie
    • 1308a. George's Little Library
    • 1309b. Hide and Go Sheep
    • 1311a. Water Ski-Daddle
    • 1315a. Swimspiration

TV Specials


  • She scares Jumpy with her enthusiasm (Girl Meets Monkey, Downhill Racer and George and Allie's Automated Car Wash).
  • Her kindergarten teacher didn't realize her best friend was a real "monkey" (Guest Monkey).
  • She's 5 years old. George's equivalent to Allie's age maturity-wise & height, despite being three years younger than her (George's only 2 years of age in the show).
  • She's being raised by her grandparents.
  • Her father's the Renkins' son.
  • In "Charkie Goes to School", there's a girl in a cyan and pink tutu that looks very similar to Allie.
  • Her first appearance was "George Meets Allie-Whoops".
  • She speaks in a Southern accent, which is strange as she's being raised by her grandparents who live in the countryside just outside of New York City.
  • She is perpetually 5 years old (like George is perpetually 3 years old), however if she aged like in real life, she'd be about 13 years old. This means her character has been on the show for 8 years.
  • Her nickname "Allie Whoops" is a play on words, but also it's likely her nickname as "whoops" is her catchphrase, which she uses when she makes a mistake.
  • The first time Allie visited New York City was in the episode "Monkey Market".


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