Alexandria "Ally (or Allie)" Renkins (Better known as Allie Whoops) is the granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Renkins. Allie moves to the farm to live with her grandparents while her parents travel for business. Allie's very active & hyper. When she moved to the farm, she started kindergarten. George first-meets Allie soon after she moves to the farm, & quickly becomes best friends with George & Bill. She brought George with her to kindergarten in the episode Guest Monkey. The 2 communicate late at night with walkie talkies, while in their beds. The walkie talkies were bought by The Man, for Allie & George.

Allie's now seen almost on a regular basis in episodes that take place in the country side (See Episode Appearances).

Physical Appearance

Allie has long, light orange hair in a ponytail held by a white scrunchie. She usually wears a bright yellow hoodie with a front pocket over a white collared short-sleeve T-shirt, bright royal blue shorts, white socks (both different lengths: right sock knee length, & left sock down to her left ankle), & dark red sneakers with white (or light-gray depending on the lighting in the episodes) soles.

Alternate Outfits

Her nightwear consist of sky blue pajamas (Guest Monkey).

Her swimwear consist of a light pink 1-piece swimsuit with a mini-swimskirt, & 2 yellow inflated floaties (Little Fish, Littler Pond, & George's Simple Siphon).

In the winter, she wears blue (both light & dark blue) earmuffs (only in Maple Monkey Madness), a bright yellow coat with a diamond design, light blue gloves, dark blue pants, & her dark red sneakers (Maple Monkey Madness, & A Halloween Boo Fest).

In the summer, she wears a bright red T-shirt with a frog on the front, bright yellow shorts, white socks (both socks knee length), & sky blue sneakers with white soles (George's Simple Siphon).

Her gymnastic outfit consist of a light yellow sleeveless shirt over a light blue short-sleeve shirt, a dark-blue bowtie, bright royal blue pants, & her dark red sneakers (Jungle Gym).


Allie's a very perky, hyperactive, enthusiastic, animated, fun-loving, & spunky little girl who's about George's height & is as adventurous & curious as he. Mrs. Renkins refers to her as a “spark plug.” When she 1st meets George, she's excited and eager to learn the ways of a monkey. Before that, she tried to learn the ways of a chicken (George Meets Allie-Whoops).

Episode Appearances

TV Specials


  • She scares Jumpy with her enthusiasm (Girl Meets Monkey, Downhill Racer and George and Allie's Automated Car Wash).
  • Her kindergarten teacher didn't believe her best friend was a real "monkey" (Guest Monkey).
  • She's 5 years old. George's equivalent to Allie's age maturity-wise & height, despite being 3 years younger than her (George's only 2 years of age in the show).
  • She's being raised by her grandparents.
  • Her father's the Renkins' son.
  • In "Charkie Goes to School", there's a girl in a cyan & pink tutu that looks very similar to Allie.
  • Her first appearance was "George Meets Allie-Whoops".
  • Her last appearance was "Bowling for Bobolinks".
  • She speaks in a Southern accent.