"Betsy": is the niece of Aunt Margaret, Steve's sister, Charkie's owner and a city friend of George.


Betsy and her brother Steve live in the city with their aunt, Aunt Margaret. She's the owner of Charkie as well. She has a kind, intelligent personality, & the keen ability to solve problems with the help of George. Her brother Steve thinks he's smarter than her; however, Betsy always outsmarts Steve, often along with George.


Betsy has long dark brown hair that goes down to her shoulders with a bright yellow diadem on top. She also wears a teal t-shirt with a cyan collar, cyan pants, & bright teal flats. She usually wears a gold watch around her left hand.


  • Betsy is 12, 13 or 14 years old and hence 3 years younger than Steve, although she usually acts older than her age.
  • Her 1st appearance with Steve was "Out of Order".
  • Her 1st appearance by herself was "Monkey Fever".
  • Her latest appearance with Steve was "Happy Valentine's Day, George".
  • Her latest appearance by herself was "This Little Piggy".
  • She is also considered a villain as she played The Dark Betsy in Fearless George.

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