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Curious George: Cape Ahoy is a sea adventure animated film, a sequel to Curious George: Go West Go Wild, created by Universal 1440 Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment, released on Peacock.


Set sail for an epic adventure with the world’s most beloved and mischievous monkey! When Ted takes George to his favorite vacation spot along the coast, he’s disappointed when things don’t go as planned.

Not to worry, George’s inquisitive nature leads them on an unexpected quest for the long-lost shipwreck of legendary sea captain Trumpet Tooter.

With help along the way from a local fisherman, his niece, and an adorable baby seal, George leads the crew through a series of exciting adventures as they explore the ocean in their search for the sunken ship.

The voice cast also includes Christopher Swindle as Captain Elmer, Hiromi Dames as Emma, Rita Moreno as Gertrude St. John, Dee Bradley Baker as Baby/Mama Seal, Luka Jones as Rocco and Kimberly D. Brooks as Gwen.

The film is produced by Jesyca Durchin and directed by Doug Murphy, and showcases score by Dara Taylor and original songs written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom.



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Movie Screencaps[]


  • Sweet Summertime
  • New Fangled Friend
  • New Fangled Friend (Reprise)
  • Briney Brine
  • Mystery
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Trumpet Tooter Ahoy
  • Panicked Packing
  • Boat Tour... or Not
  • Meeting the Seal Pup
  • The Medallion
  • Your Monkey is in the Cod School
  • Fish Bait Smoothie
  • The Other Half of the Treasure
  • The Codfather
  • The Magellan
  • Seal Rock
  • Secret Seals
  • Sunken Cutlass
  • The Dive
  • Stuck in the Reef
  • Coddington to the Rescue
  • Whale Rescue Rising Cutlass
  • Memories


  • the new dvd is coming september 5, 2023 instead of 2021 or 2022