Curious George Takes a Job: George's on a city-wide smelling spree when he comes across Chef Pisghetti's kitchen. Chef Pisghetti's cooking a meal for a famous restaurant critic. Then George comes across some pasta the chef was cooking & had placed in a pot. He notices that it had been crisp but is now all floppy. George then decides that kitchens are magic & finds other things to place in the "floppification pot".

Curious George Takes Another Job: Continuing from the previous part, George wants to continue helping Chef Pisghetti in his kitchen but the chef has no work for him. But the chef has a friend named Mr. Glass, a billionaire who owns an apartment building called the Glass Palace & has a love of all things unique. He hires George as a window washer. Things go well until George sees some shadows in 1 room that look like jungle animals & decides to paint them. As a result, this causes Mr. Glass to get angry & orders 2 painters to chase George but is rescued by The Man With The Yellow Hat. Although Mr. Glass appreciates the room with the jungle animals & decides to rent it out.


  • This is the 1st 2-parter episode.
  • 1st appearance of Mr. Glass, & the Glass Palace.

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