Curious George Takes a Vacation Plot

George & The Man with the Yellow hat are going on vacation in Hawaii. But when they get to the airport, their plane's delayed. George receives a small toy airplane from the ticket woman but winds up losing it. He goes on a quest to try to hunt it down before they must board their flight but it seems like everyone in the airport's out to stop George from wandering around or causing trouble.

Curious George & the One That Got Away Plot

George learns all about fishing from Mr. Quint at Lake Wannasinklake. Unfortunately, George catches no fish in the lake & only junk thrown in by other people. Soon, though, George finds an american eel & wants to catch it. He becomes even more determined when Bill says he wants to catch him to "take him home". George would like to catch it but he doesn't have a fishing rod.


  • One of the workers at the airport says that they're in Chicago, hinting that The Man & George live in Illinois.
  • "Curious George & the One That Got Away" is based on part of the book, "Curious George Flies a Kite."
  • This is the 2nd & last time George wears his yellow hoodie. The 1st time was "Curious George & the Dam Builders."

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