Feeling Antsy: One morning in the city, a breakfast mishap leads to a mess of food all over the floor of the apartment. The Man leaves George to clean it up before ants come in to the apartment because "Once ants come into an apartment you can never get rid of them." Sure, enough, George finds 1 ant, then 2, then an entire army, & Hundley's quest for a clean hallway leads him into George's apartment. Now George & Hundley have to work together to find how to get rid of the ants without hurting them & stop more ants from coming. Turns out, they discover that ants are scavengers: they'll constantly move to find food, no matter where it is.

Maple Monkey Madness: It's a winter morning in the country, the perfect time for pancakes, but George & The Man seem to be out of syrup! The Man tells George that syrup comes from trees, but not growing ON them, growing IN them! You just have to tap the trees. Unfortunately George & Allie can't get any syrup to come out no matter how hard they tap the trees. Then Mr. Renkins shows them that to tap a tree you need a few tools & a small hole in the tree, & once you do that, a small liquid starts dripping out of the tree. But this liquid's gray & very bitter, not like syrup, because as Mr. Renkins explains, it's sap, & needs to be boiled into syrup.


  • This is Allie's 12th appearance.

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