George's Super Subway Adventure: George's in for a surprise—he & the Man With the Yellow Hat are going to the zoo to see a Komodo dragon & they're going to ride the subway to get there! Along the way, George & The Man get separated & they have to get back together before they reach the zoo. Meanwhile, George learns all about how the subway operates & how it gets people between places.

Well Done, George: George's outside watering the garden when he gets muddy. He tries to take a bath but there's no water. Not even in the sink. Mr. Quint explains that they have a broken pump. And then he explains how to get the water, with a well & a pump. The pump they have's old. Then The Man explains that an electric pump sends it through a pipe to the house. And they go back to the city since it'll take days to get a new pump. When the go to the apartment, they don't see an orange flier. It says the plumber must shut off the water now. This means there's no water here, too. So George tries to get more water with a pipe.


  • This is Marco's 2nd appearance. His 1st appearance was "George & Marco Sound It Out."
    • This is also Marco's 1st cameo.