George & the Giant Thumb Plot

It has just rained in the country & Bill's having some trouble throwing newspapers due to a sprained thumb. When Allie & George see an article in the paper about a giant statue of a dog, they decide to make 1 as a tribute to Bill's thumb. They can't seem to find the right building materials. George doesn't have enough clay, shaving cream's too runny, & peanut butter's too sticky. Eventually, with the recent rain, they try to make a statue out of mud. But they can't seem to get the mud to hold its shape.

Shutter Monkey Plot

George always has the time to stop for a good picture with his friend The Man With the Yellow Hat. When Betsy takes his picture, she says she's entering a children's photography contest. Her pictures all have a basic shape hidden somewhere in them. She takes George to her apartment & shows him how she downloads the pictures on to her computer & prints them out. After a freak accident, Steve winds up destroying all of her pictures. So he sends George to take new 1's while he distracts Betsy. George remembers how all of the pictures have a basic shape & must find those shapes to get those pictures.


  • This is Allie's 9th appearance.
  • This is Betsy's 20th appearance.
  • This is Steve's 18th appearance.

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