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George Makes a Stand Plot

George & The Man with the Yellow Hat are looking at the Man's old childhood pictures when George sees 1 of the man's old lemonade stand. The Man with the Yellow Hat tells George about the time he got a new soccer ball because of it. So, George decides to make 1 of his own to replace his busted up soccer ball. 1st: George has trouble finding a good location to set up shop, & when he finally finds a good place, people give him money!

Curious George Sees the Light Plot

One country day, George sees that a new traffic light's being installed along the road. Never having seen 1 before, not even in the city, George becomes curious. He sees that cars stop at a red light but not at a green light making him guess that most people preferred a red light to a green light. Since the light's always changing, George's disappointed because there's not much time for people to enjoy 1 color. So, he changes the light so that all of 1 side's 1 color. This winds up confusing drivers on the road until Officer Quint shows up & explains how a traffic light works. It's good for all drivers, expect for Jumpy Squirrel because he can no longer cross the road on a tree branch which was cut in front of the light & can't cross the dangerous road itself.


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