Housebound! Plot

George's curiosity about bones leads him to climb the dinosaur skeleton at the museum but he ends up falling off and breaking his leg. George must wear a cast for a few weeks and stay home. Hundley stays with him as his monkey sitter. George begins in a wheelchair and does not know how to use it, but Hundley teaches him how to navigate around the furniture in his apartment. Soon, George can walk on crutches and Hundley helps him out in the same way. Later, once George can walk on his cast, he goes to places like the park with Hundley.

Curious George Rides A Bike Plot

George sees Bill riding his bike and doing his paper route, which make him want to do the same. The Man with the Yellow Hat finds his old bike and adjusts it for George before teaching him how to ride. But George forgets to look where he is going and crashes his bike, breaking it. Fortunately, Mrs. Renkins is quite the handyman and fixes his bike. After the Man buys him a George-sized bike, Bill entrusts him with a paper route which goes well, until George sees several ducks in a pond and wants to make paper boats like that time he went to the pond with The Man.


  • "Housebound!" is the only episode in which George fractures a bone in his body.
  • George gets a new bicycle in "Curious George Rides A Bike", but in later episodes, he is seen riding a tricycle.
    • Either the new episodes take place before this episode, George forgot how to ride a bicycle, or most likely, he crashed the new bicycle, and had to use a tricycle.
    • Another option might be this: Like any other cartoon, the episodes are out of order. This means, the episodes that have George riding a tricycle are at the beginning of the timeline, and the episodes that have George riding a bicycle are at the end of the timeline.


In Housebound where Hundley climbed on George, the doorman's hat was grey.

When the doorman came into George's room, he came from the front doors but in the next shot it was in the apartment.

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