Juicy George Plot

During a farmer's market, George & he Man run into a man named "Juicy" Jay. Jay uses a juicer, which intrigues George, to make juices that George & the Man enjoy, while only using fruit. The Man & George decide to buy an identical juicer for themselves, but when they get a hold of it, the Man has no clue how to use it. When the Man's summoned to help Professor Wiseman, George figures out how to use the juicer; however, he can't recreate the juice that Juicy Jay produced. After a tedious set of trials & errors, George perfects his drink. When the Man comes home, he agrees that the juice's even better than Juicy Jay's, & he recommends showing it to Juicy Jay. When they next see him, Jay agrees that George's juice is delicious, & offers to sell it at the market.

The Big Picture Plot

George's favorite bird the Cerulean Warbler's on the endangered list. But The Man has written a new book to increase public awareness about the bird. Only problem is, the book's not selling. That's until George runs in to Steve & his lemonade stand & Steve tells him how to advertise a product, after which George finds a blank billboard & decides to paint a picture to promote The Man's new book.


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