No Knowing Gnocchi Plot

Chef Pisghetti has a problem & it has stopped him from cooking his pasta al dente, Gnocchi seems to be running away from the restaurant during the day for no reason at all, & it began after the chef did some cleaning up around the place to stop her from scratching a few items, including the restaurant's wooden back door. George decides to follow her around to see where she's going all day & every day. He finds Gnocchi at a shipyard scratching bags of rice, the park scratching a tree, dump scratching cardboard, the construction site scratching a painted canvas & a Mexican restaurant scratching a menu board, which has the chef worried that Gnocchi now prefers Mexican food. George later discovers that all the things she has been scratching feel the same as a few items the chef threw out, so he needs to create a new area of items that feel the same so she can stay around the restaurant.

Here Comes The Tide Plot

George & Marco have gone on vacation with Professor Wiseman & The Man with the Yellow Hat to the beach. They have all come for a vacation on the beach as well as to observe the tides & the tidal pools. Professor Wiseman explains to George & Marco that in ancient times, items left on the beach had been buried by the tides almost like buried treasure, leaving George & Marco to try to bury a box of treasure on the beach themselves, including Marco's favorite toy, Silverwolf, a small silver plastic wolf. They later decide to locate & dig up the treasure but they can't seem to find it, & the water's deeper than it was before. They also get distracted by a friendly & playful dolphin in the water. They later see how the tides constantly change the shore & how they are always moving, even surfacing the treasure they couldn't find before.


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