"Steve" : is a city boy, the nephew of Margaret, a friend of George and the show-off brother of Betsy.


He lives with his sister Betsy, dog Charkie, & Aunt Margaret in the City. He's always "going for a record" of some kind. He's selfish, & clearly has a high opinion of himself. He feels grown-up though his sister often corrects & outsmarts him. He has more responsibility, which is seen in many Steve & Betsy encounters. Most times when he hangs out with George, he always gets to some short of trouble. One time he tried to get a honeycomb back, but instead he made a beehive, in which that time, turned out okay. (Honey of a Monkey) Another time he was playing with George's Bouncy-Yo, & ruined Betsy's pictures. (Shutter Monkey)


Steve has short light brown hair. He usually wears a bright red T-shirt with a white collar, dark blue pants, & brown shoes.

Height:1.88 meters


  • In an older episode he said he was in middle shool& in a newer episode he said he was in 3rd grade in High School
  • Steve makes his 1st cameo appearance in Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey
  • His first appearance with Betsy was "Out of Order".
  • His first appearance by himself was "Piñata Vision".
  • His latest appearance with Betsy was "Happy Valentine's Day George".
  • His latest appearance by himself was "Monkey Senses".
  • He is considered a villain as he portrayed Professor Buford Fromage in Fearless George.

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