Steve & Betsy

Steve & Betsy

"All brain. No strain." -Steve

Steve & Betsy are 2 kids from George's neighborhood in the city who are brother & sister. They live with their Aunt Margaret & their dog, Charkie, who they are always chasing. Steve likes video games & is always "going for a record" of some kind. He's the older child of the pair, & is always getting ideas about how to solve a problem. He often tells George, "I'm in 5th grade. This has to work." In the episode Piñata Vision, their Aunt called him by his full name, Steven. Betsy's more responsible & caring, & is often pulling a red wagon. She's frequently annoyed at Steve, & has to fix his mistakes. She's in 3rd grade. Steve's voiced by Elizabeth Daily. Betsy's voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Appearance: Betsy

Betsy has long dark brown hair that goes down to her shoulders with a yellow headband on top. She usually wears a golden watch, a teal T-shirt with a teal collar, cyan pants, & teal flats.

Appearance: Steve

Steve has short light brown hair. He usually wears a bright red T-shirt with a white collar, dark blue pants, & brown loafers.


  • Steve & Betsy also appear in the special "Curious George Goes to the Hospital", but they're unrelated to each other in the book.
    • In the same book, Betsy's related to Bill.
  • In an newer episode, Steve said he was in 3rd grade.
    • He's supposedly in the 5th grade.
  • Steve's 10 years old, & Besty's 8 years old.
    • Betsy usually acts older than her age, where for Steve, it's visa-versa.
  • In "Pinata Vision", Steve's full name's "Steven".
  • At their school, they've won 1st place in 1933, 1987 & 2005 in Sports.
  • Steve has made a total of 32 appearances.
  • Besty has made a total of 31 appearances.