The Country's 1 of the only 2 major areas throughout the Curious George universe (Other than minor areas like Hawaii & Sydney.) It's the landmass nearest to & across the river from The City. The Country has 3 sub-areas in total. The geography often shifts based on George's adventures.


  • Town (Lake Wannasink)                                         
  • Lake Wannasink Lake
  • Individual areas (The House, Bill's House, the Renkin's Farm, the Quints' house, minor characters' homes, a hill, a creek, a beach, a derelict river boat, & an abandoned farm similar to the Renkin's)

Known Buildings

  • The House
  • Bill's House
  • Renkin's Farm
  • Various buildings in town, including a theater & some shops.

Lake Wannasink

In the Country, there's a lake that's often significant in George's adventures. The spelling of the true name of the lake's purposely not known, as it's a joke. It's pronounced like "lake wanna sink lake," the joke being that it could either be something like "Lakewanasink Lake" or something like "Lake Wanasinklake." In the Lake, there's a lagoon & 1 to several docks used for fishing & small boats. The Lake's connected to an ocean by other bodies of water.

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