Throughout the television series, George regularly visits a museum in the City referred to only as "The Museum." The Museum is presumably a science museum, based on the presence of fossilized dinosaur skeletons, fake animals, and exhibits focused on subjects such as magnets or famous scientists. It's known employees include Professor Wiseman, Professor Pizza, Professor Einstein, and many to a few others based on the guests at a party held for another museum employee. It is also implied that the Man works at the Museum, based on the fact that he spends so much time there and helps the various professors in tasks such as picking a shade of yellow for the walls and going to space.

Professor Wiseman

As far as a viewer can tell, Professor Wiseman seems to be the highest ranking member of the museum's faculty. It is specifically stated that her job description is "genious," which makes sense based on the ridiculous variety of scientific work she does.


The Museum is located in the City. It appears to be on the edge of Endless Park.